• Mending the Fabric of Business Communication

About SEW

SEW is an acronym for Shalanda Edwards White, but it is also more than that.

SEW stands for the process SEW take businesses through to reach their target market and get customer, clients, business partners etc. Studies have proven that the process doesn’t happen over night and a lot or work goes into it. SEW is skilled in mending the fabric of Business Communication. Therefore, you have someone to help make that connection with you. The process may take time but it is all worth it when you have your customers/clients and your customers/clients have what they need.

The SOW in my logo tell the old farming story of sowing seeds. With this process you expect growth but you have to plant the seeds (logo design) first. Laying the ground work for growth and cultivating it is a necessary step to success (website design, development and SEO). And finally you see growth, customers coming in looking for your product, your service.

I started this business to serve businesses and give them a fighting chance at success by providing effective and aesthetically pleasing visual communication. Let’s talk! Make an appointment, request a quote, call me or write me a message. I look forward to serving you.  – Shalanda

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